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March 02, 2024, 09:52:37 PM

Author Topic: Hungary, Gyöngyös, Mátra Múzeum  (Read 3961 times)

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Hungary, Gyöngyös, Mátra Múzeum
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Mátra Múzeum / Matramuzeum

Mátra's mineral treasures have long been known. One of the first references comes from a report by an Italian military engineer, Luigi Fernando Marsigli, who, in his book published in 1700, says that the purest gold in Hungary is mined in Heves County. In the Mátra, the most significant mineral formation occurred in the hot water solutions of the Andesite clefts and bladder cavities. The exhibition presents the wonderful world in two halls that amazes many with its color and form. n the first room , we can see the diverse varieties of minerals, here not only the specimens from the Matra, but almost all the continents are represented to illustrate wealth. Crystals from the Carpathian Basin are of outstanding importance. The second room is a clear view of the mineral world of Mátra. In addition to the minerals that are sometimes appreciated by professionals, they can reach the magnificent crystal fields that hold the memory of mining in the once in Gyöngyösoros.

Kossuth Lajos u. 40, Gyöngyös, 3200 Magyarország / Hungary