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Mineral fairs, updated (grazie Carlo!)

Stardate: 20200804: d+6.970

Perovskite Subgroup, added
Perovskite, added

Stardate: 20200803: d+6.969

Chlorocalcite Subgroup, added
Chlorocalcite, added
Javorieite, added

Stardate: 20200802: d+6.968

Gismondine-Ca, added
Gismondine-Ba, added

Sulphohalite Subgroup, added
Perovskite Supergroup, added

Stardate: 20200801: d+6.967

Veszelyite, added
Books and magazines, updated

Stardate: 20200731: d+6.966

Kamiokite Group, added
Kamiokite, added
Majindeite, added
Iseite, added

Stardate: 20200730: d+6.965

“Fluorsodalite”, added
Sodalite Group, edited

Alstonite new data, edited
Aragonite Supergroup, edited

Potassic-hastingsite prepublished, edited

Stardate: 20200729: d+6.964

Markeyite Group, added
Natromarkeyite prepublished, edited
Pseudomarkeyite prepublished, edited
Markeyite, edited
Feynmanite, edited
Leószilárdite, edited
Magnesioleydetite, edited
Meyrowitzite, edited
Straβmannite, edited

Gypsum, edited

Stardate: 20200728: d+6.963

D'Ansite Group, added
D'Ansite-(Mn), added
D'Ansite-(Fe), added
D'Ansite-(Mg), added

Crimsonite, added
Sewardite, added
Carminite, edited

Nabokoite-atlasovite Series, added
Nabokoite Group, added
Nabokoite, edited
Atlasovite, edited

Likasite, edited
Gerhardtite, edited

Stardate: 20200727: d+6.962


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