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Just over 3.000 minerals and groups are in !

Searching for disulphide ion (S2)2- compounds now gives good results. Idem for (S3)2- and  (S3)- / (S3)1- and S2-

Searching for minerals with As-As bonds or S-S bonds should now also go well

(thiosulphates S2O2-3 already worked)

You can now search for decavanadates [V10O28]6- as a wildcard search in the (literature) database,
and/or for *improved* pinpointed chemistry on V10O28
and/or type "V10" on https://www.strahlen.org/forum/start.php in the field “Search ... chemistry”
and/or simply click on the pascoite Family
(call it Art, call it beauty, call it stupid, call it science, call it a waste of time ;)

(this also works for AsO4 - HAsO4 - AsO3OH - AsO3 , et cetera)
(for searching valencies etc, see here)

Half of the minerals and groups are in !

Jeroen Goedhart:
proficiat met dit resultaat! dit wordt echt een 'naslag-werk' van grote klasse!


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