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December 03, 2023, 09:29:37 PM

Author Topic: Japan, Okayama, Sasaune mine  (Read 3592 times)

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Japan, Okayama, Sasaune mine
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Sasaune / Yoshioka Cu-/hematite ochre mine museum
Sasaune Kodo Mining Gallery 吹屋ふるさと村 笹畝坑道

The copper mine that operated from the Edo period to the Taisho period has been restored so that you can tour the mine. The adventurous and mysterious underground is equipped with a natural air conditioner at around 15 degrees Celsius all year round. It is said that the Yoshioka (Fukiya) copper mine was discovered in the 2nd year of the Daido period (807), and there is a description about the products in Btsuchu in the old book. At the beginning of the Edo period, it was under the control of the Nariwa clan, but for most of the time, it was earned under the control of a daikan under the direct control of the Tenryo Shogunate. After the Meiji era, it became the management of Mitsubishi Metal Co., Ltd., absorbed and merged the surrounding hills, set up a private power plant, mechanized refining and other work using a rock drill, built the first Western-style blast furnace in Japan, and the three major mines in Japan. It became one of. This mine was called Sasaune and was a branch mountain, but in later years it contacted the main tunnel (Sakamoto) underground, and chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite (iron sulfide ore) were produced. In particular, during the Edo period, it was carried from this area to the main gate of Shimohara, Nariwa-cho, on the back of a horse, loaded on a Takasebune, to Tamashima Port, and then transported by sea to the copper office in Osaka.

mine: 1987 Nariwacho Nakano, Nariwa-cho, Takahashi-shi, Okayama 719-2342, Japan
village: 704 Nariwacho Fukiya Furusato, Nariwa, Takahashi, Okayama 719-2341, Japan

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