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Author Topic: Germany, Munich, Museum Reich der Kristalle  (Read 1790 times)

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Germany, Munich, Museum Reich der Kristalle
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Museum Reich der Kristalle
Mineralogische Staatssammlung München

The Museum “Reich der Kristalle (Kingdom of Crystals)“is the public part of the Mineralogical State Collection Munich.
The main part of the show cases is arranged around the lecture hall of the Department of Geo- and Environmental Sciences.
In the western part there are showcases dedicated to the explanation of mineralogical and crystallographic terms as for instance crystal structure, symmetry, optics, crystal growth and more in a highly didactical way with many movable models. The board showcases in this part of the museum show mineral specimens from important Bavarian localities, e.g. Hagendorf, Wölsendorf, both in Northern Bavaria.
The showcases in the eastern part are mostly used for special activities and smaller special exhibitions. One extra showcase is used by the Munich Friends of Mineralogy and is rotationally implemented by the different sections of this club.
In addition to these public parts of the museum there is a special showroom which houses the large special exhibitions in winter term. In summertime rough and cut gemstones, precious metals (platinum, gold, silver) and meteorites are shown in this room.

Theresienstrasse 41, 80333 Munchen, Germany

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