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October 31, 2020, 08:11:32 AM

Author Topic: Australia, Queensland, Atherton, The Crystal Caves  (Read 640 times)

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Australia, Queensland, Atherton, The Crystal Caves
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The Crystal Caves

René Boissevain is a man with a passion. He has spent a lifetime travelling to every corner of the world to collect crystallised mineral specimens, gemstones, fossils and rocks. He searches only for the best – the most perfect, the most extraordinary, the most valuable, the rarest and the biggest.
To house his growing collection of more than 600 individual pieces, René has built 250 m2 of tunnels and grottos for you to explore. The dedication and imagination of one man to build a fantasy cave to house his massive collection is only surpassed by the quality and size of the crystals and fossils. You will be surprised that the world offers so many different types and sizes of crystals

Main Street 69, Atherton, Queensland 4883, Australia
(an hour from Cairns, as this is referred to as a mineral museum 'near' Cairns. 'Near' means something different in Europe than in Australia ;)

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