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November 28, 2023, 03:25:22 PM

Author Topic: Italy, Lombardia, Brescia, Pezzaze, Miniera Marzoli  (Read 2502 times)

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Re: Italy, Lombardia, Brescia, Pezzaze, Miniera Marzoli
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It is a particularly significant milestone of the mining tradition of Valtrompia, first creation, in chronological order, of the laborious course of transforming arecheological industry sites into museums. Entering this place is equala s crossing the threshold of a different place, where all the senses are involved to capture any minimum variation, and a particular equipment and special means are needed to experience it, such as the train which, with its clanging, leads in the heart of the mountain. Hopped off the train, and toured by expert guides, the path along the tunnel towards the entrance of the mine starts. Here the visitor can see the “riservetta” (small reserve) of the explosives, the “s ala dei geodi” (the geodes room), with small cavities whose walls are covered with crystals sparkling in the light, the altar of Saint Barbara, protector of the miners, as well as comprehending the “v olata” (blast) system. At the sight of the outlines glimpsing in the side branching of the tunnels, visualand sound reproductions enrich the sensorial experience. The underground itinerary continues in the Museum “Il Mondo dei Minatori e l’Arte del Ferro” (the world of the miners and the art of iron), made possible thanks to the restoration of the building once reserved for the service and to employees.