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Frank de Wit:
Oldest museums with a geomineralogical collection on display?

Fersman, Sankt-Petersburg ; moved to Moscow in 1934,5934.0.html

Grünes Gewölbe, Dresden, Germany,24498.0.html

MNHN Mineralogie, Paris, France,14420.0.html

Bergakademie Sammlungen, Freiberg, Germany,7278.0.html

Teylers, Haarlem, Netherlands,3968.0.html

1818, NM Prague,6465.0.html
1869, AMNH New York,5359.0.html
1881, NHM London,1900.0.html
1889, NHM Vienna,5038.0.html
1910, Smithsonian,5749.0.html

Frank de Wit:
The Most Fantastic Mini Museum !
"Rare" Specimens from Earth and Space, Embedded into an Acrylic Block
(it's so rare, there are 5.500 made of these... ;)

Armin Sorg:

I like to add the "Mineralogische Sammlung" of the TU Freiberg located in the Werner-Bau,
which is separate from the terra mineralia:

and the Prague national history museum:

Both exhibitions with really good and much classic material!

Jos Hens:
I liked the mineral collection in Paris,  l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie

I saw here the best "Bad Ems" Brown pyromorphite I have ever seen!

Frank de Wit:
Should we make a list of the most beautiful mineralogical museums / museum mines in the world,
where beauty is of course relative, and personal, and quality has nothing to do with size, etc,

Anyway: what museums should be on the "must visit" list?
(in random order | it's not a contest)

Mineraliensammlung Stift Melk,7205.0.html

NHM, Vienna,5038.0.html

NHM, London,1900.0.html

Smithsonian, Washington,5749.0.html

Geominero, Madrid,5475.0.html

Terra Mineralia, Freiberg,5108.0.html

André Gorsatt museum, Binn,4980.0.html

TU Bergakademie, Freiberg,7278.0.html

NHM, Prague,6465.0.html

UPMC Curie, Paris,1770.0.html



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