Jeffrey mine, Asbestos, Les Sources RCM, Estrie, Québec, Canada

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(text by Bdr and Pierre, pictures by Pierre Clolus)

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The Jeffrey Mine is located near the town of Asbestos, approx. 20km northeast of Richmond, Quebec. It is/was the worlds largest asbestos mine. The main pit is 350 metres deep and over two kilometres in diametre. Due to the low interest in asbestos, the mine has been mostly inactive since 2008.

The Town of Asbestos, which has grown up alongside the huge mine, has been moving east time after time, whenever the pit was expanded and big parts of the town had to move in favor of The open pit mine.

Pierre Clolus visited this locality in june 2009. In the town, close to The open pit mine, there is the so called Quarry Park, where different rocktypes and old mining equipment are on display. And there are infopanels on the mines history and on one of the infopanels you can see how the town had to move over the years in favor of The open pit mine.

He also visited The open pit mine. This is only allowed with an organized bustour and no more then 10 people are allowed at a time. During this visit people also get the uppertunity to search for minerals.
Pierre also tried to visit the local mineral museum, but unfortunately it was closed on sundays. After his visit to The open pit mine, Pierre spend some time at a beautiful lake.

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