Anna-I dumps (the Keuersberg), Alsdorf, Aachen, Germany

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We visited the Anna again in September 2005, but it started raining... Water and Anna-minerals do not like eachother ;-)

Our first visits:

With AvB

With LW, VF and WF


15-11-2003 with DN and LW

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The minerals !

On 15/4/2003, after work, I drove around looking for the burning Anna-coaldumps near Alsdorf, Aachen. I found it ;-)

It's very easy to find Alunogen. The white needles reach 1 cm in globular-aggregates. I was able to find pieces to 20 x 20 cm large just covered with Alunogen!

Other minerals we found (analyzed by RDX by Thomas Witzke) are:
-Millosevichit (white crusts and masses, extremely light material, hygroscopic)
-Godovikovit (idem)
-Clairit (brown triclinic (pseudohexagonal) transparant crystals to 1 mm long)
-Kremersit (little oreange-red crystals, hygroscopic)
-Rostit (white globular aggregates, together with Kremersit)
-Boussingaultit (white colourless globular aggregates of small needles)
-Tschermigit (white fibres, like 'marienglas gypsum'. Fibres to 7 cm long are easy to find)
-Sassolit (colourless thin flattened long crystals to 4 mm)
-Voltait (little darkgreen xls)
-Metavoltin (little yellow crystals)
-Selen (very darkbrown-black needles to 1 cm long !!)
-Sulphur (you know, the yellow stuff)
-Salmiak (waterclear-white cubic crystals to 3 mm, easy to recognize)
-Lannonit (colourless tabular xls to 0,5 mm together with 'yellowgreen needles' and Clairit)

Unknown (new) minerals (analyzed by RDX by Thomas Witzke):
-NH4Al(SO4)2x4H2O (white powdery aggregates on Boussingaultit and Tschermigit)
    (this phase is also known from Chelyabinsk; will not be recognized by the IMA, because it's found on a burning coaldump (also see here...)).

Other minerals we found (analyzed by RDX by DN) are:
-Anhydrit (white needles to 1 cm, usually lying flat on the rock)
-Alunogen (everything here in any colour can be Alunogen ;-)

Still to analyse:
-Mascagnin (white crusts and globular aggregates)
-Letovicit (white, treeformed, mm-small crystals, sometimes very alike Salmiak)
-Gypsum (easy to recognize xls to a few mm long)
-Halotrichit-Pickeringit (the well-known hairy curved aggregates to 4 mm long)
-Hematit (just red inclusions in other minerals)
-Lithargit (red small crusts and crystals)

You can, with small practise, smell the content of a 'fumarole', before even breaking it open ! How?
-80% of the 'fumaroles contains Alunogen and Salmiak as abundant mineral, they smell very bad 'sweet' ;-)
-29% of the 'fumaroles contains Sulphur as abundant mineral, they smell very bad like 'rotten eggs'/sour ;-)
-1% of the 'fumaroles contains Selen as abundant mineral, they smell very very very bad... makes you vomit ;-)
easy isn't it hahaha.

-LW and I visited the Anna on 06/06/2003 and found an incredible 'fumarole' with Selen-xls; pieces to 10 x 7 cm covered with uncountable xls to sometimes 1 cm long! Above are pics of that 'fumarole' of when we found it, with the xls very well visible...
-I visited the Anna a few times between june and september 2003, but there wasn't much 'smoking' at the time...
-I visited the Anna on 28/10/2003 after work. The Anna is burning like hot... I found nice Metavoltin, Boussingaultit and Tschermigit.
-DN, LW and I visited the Anna on 15/11/2003 and found Selen, Sulphur and a large and very nice 'fumarole' with Millosevichit-Godovikovit to 10 cm long !! One piece was about 20x20 cm large.
-TW, AvdB and I visited the Anna a few times in the spring of 2004 and found great Kremersit and a new mineral/substance forming 'yellowgreen needles' together with very nice Clairit-xx, Rostit-xx etc with some other unknown 'minerals'

Some movies on the burning Anna-dumps on YouTube:

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