gaulsberg, Mijnbouwregio, Dorp, Stad, Regio, Provincie, Land

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The quarry management always allowed us to look for minerals after we asked it at the entrance. So... always ask, and always wear a helmet!
In 2000 we were even allowed to drive our car to the lower level after we found a lot of nice cavities with Natrolith!
The car was so heavy we had to drive up backwards... Renault ;-)

In 1998 and 2000 we visited this quarry 4 times because the quarry was working on a new level at the time. They blew away a lot of fresh material containing great Natrolith-Mesolith-Skolecit, Calcit (in nice combinations with Natrolith), Aragonit, Phillipsit, Analcim, Apophyllit, Chabasit, Thomsonit, Tobermorit/Tacharanit and (of course) Nontronit.

(pictures & collection Frank de Wit)

On 28-05-2005 we visited the quarry again, but it seems they are now working in an not so interesting zone... perhaps too deep? Because we did almost not find anything interesting this time... The quarry is one level deeper than the last time we were there.

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On 24-03-2007 we visited the Gaulsberg/Ortenberg quarry. Bad weather :-(...

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