Graulai, Lammersdorf/Hillesheim, Eifel, Germany

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The Graulai-quarry is about a 1.45-hr-drive from our house. There are some dumps on the higher plateau, see the 'june-2002'-photo's, where it's possible to find Gismondin, Alumohydrocalcit etc. But the upper part of the quarry is not worked on at the moment. The lower parts, near the entrance, did not deliver much material in june. The part the quarry was working on in 2000 (the first three pics) is gone. That part delivered the from the below articles well known material.

In april 2004 we visited the quarry 2 times. The first time it was a little rainy, the second time hot as spring can be ;-) Both times we were able to find very nice Gismondin, Alumohydrocalcit, Phillipsit, Nephelin, Perovskit, Apatit, Melilith, Calcit, Phillipsit, Klinopyroxen, Thomsonit, Leucit, Magnetit, not yet the real rare minerals like Batiferrit... we will ;-)
The Gismondin however was to find in extraordinary quality for the Eifel region!

The above pics are by Jos Hens; the other pics here by us:

The pics above and below are by us, above on 10/04/04, and below on 17/04/04:

Below 3 pics by Thomas Kleser:

And the pictures below were made by Robin Bakker.

And below some mineral pics by us:

The quarry management usually gives access without problems on saturday after 14:00 because then they stop working.
Be sure always to ask at the gate if you're allowed in and wear a helmet!

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also see: paul mestrom, jose dehove, on this location.

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