Steinbruch Maibolte, Dörentrup, Lemgo, Lipper Bergland, NRW, Germany

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(text and pictures by Bert de Ruiter)

Steinbruch Maibolte is a former limestone quarry, which is situated in the forests between Lemgo and Dörentrup. The quarry operated on Muschelkalk from the Triassic Period. The quarry is lying in a small valley, close to a small brook called Maibolte. This location is famous for it's "Crossed" Pyrites, also known as the Iron Cross.
The crystals of this Pyrites are actually penetration twins from two Pentagondodekaeders. This type of Pyrite-twins can only be found in the area around Lemgo, Kalletal and Vlotho. Crystals can be found with a size upto 1½cm.
I visited this location on the 28th of February 2009, together with Sannie & Peter Driessen, Matthias Jansen and Robert Komduur. We searched the area for about an hour and found waterclear Quartzes, with crystals up to a length of 1½cm. And we also found lots of Pyrites, among which severall Iron Crosses, with the biggest one measuring around 1cm.

Steinbruch Maibolte - part.2

(pictures by Amir Akhavan)

On the 22nd of March 2009, Amir, Henrie, Robert, Peter & Sannie visited Steinbruch Mailbolte. At first it looked as if there were no Crossed Pyrites around this time, untill Peter & Robert discovered a pocket in the quarry wall, loaded with Crossed Pyrites. After some hard work, hundreds of floaters came out of this pocket.

They also discovered some nice cavities, filled with waterclear quartzes and they also discovered some Calcites. The Calcites were new to us, because we didn't find those on our first visit to Maibolte. For more details on this visit, check our forum.

Steinbruch Maibolte - part.3

(text and pictures by Bert de Ruiter)

On the 11th of October 2009 a small party of Strahlen members, being Frank, Henrie, Peter, Robert, Tim & I, again visited Steinbruch Maibolte. The pictures & stories about the Crossed Pyrites, made Frank & Tim decide to come all the way from the south and join us at Steinbruch Maibolte.

When we arrived at the quarry, we discovered that there were lots of fresh rockpieces lying on the foot of the wall. We picked up lots of Iron Crosses, Calcite and Pyrite. While checking the quarry wall, we discovered an interesting zone holding many concretions. These concretions can contain massive Calcite, but there are also concretions which are hollow inside.
Some of them are filled with Calcite xx upto 2cm, sometimes with waterclear quartzes growing on top of them, where others are filled with waterclear Quartz xx upto 1cm, often double terminated.
We also found some Quartz/Calcite concretions with Malachite growing on top weathered Chalcopyrite, sitting in between the Quartz/Calcite xls.

Minerals from Maibolte

(pictures and specimen by Bert de Ruiter)

And here some pictures from minerals we found at Maibolte. The pictures give a good impression of possible finds at this quarry.

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