Wannenköpfe quarry, Ochtendung, Eifel, Germany

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Why we go to the Wannenköpfe...

More mineral pictures can be found at the time HERE on mindat.org.

Above 5 very nice pictures of my Zirkon are made by Fred Kruijen (pick the one you like best ;-).

And the other above 5 great pictures are made by Fred Kruijen also !

The Wannenköpfe-quarry is about a 1.5-hrs-drive (170 km) from Fred Kruijen's and our house. We visit the quarry regularly. Read here... how to get official permit to visit the locality.

A certain zone (see photo's above) contains Xenoliths, containing interesting minerals like Jeremejewit, Topas, Hematit, Pseudobrookit, Mullit, Cristobalit, Rutil etc. Just look for more heavy, greyish black, Hematit-rich crusts to ca.8 cm thick, most often around bigger massive Xenoliths. And look for the usual yellow and greyish/black Xenoliths with abundant Topas etc.

In june 2001 we found a large Xenolith (51 kg one piece and 75 kg of other broken-off pieces) with lots of blue Jeremejewit and (among others) white 'tree-formed' Zirkon.

Download an Excel-file here with all the minerals you can find at the Wannenköpfe

Two video's of collecting at the Wannenköpfe:

If you're searching for mineralogical articles on this locality (aufschluss-1975-02-65-eifel, lapis-1988-0708-70-duitsland-eifel-wannekopfe, lapis-1988-11-24-duitsland-eifel-mullit, lapis-1989-11-30-duitsland-eifel-wannenkopfe, mw-1992-02-49-neufunde-von-bekannten-fundorten-5, lapis-1993-09-35-duitsland-wannenkopfe-rutil, lapis-1999-11-31-duitsland-eifel-wannenkopfe, mw-1999-06-20-duitsland-eifel-wannenkopfe, lapis-2000-02-09-jeremejewit, mw-2003-03-05-duitsland-eifel-wannenkopfe etc etc), please contact us...

Three nice articles (click on the articles) by Fred Kruijen on the Wannenköpfe (with permission of the author); Click here for more on the Gea.

See below the large Hematit-pictures from the article in Gea (all photo&specimen Fred Kruijen):

The pictures are large to download on purpose, because you can then use them on your PC as a background picture!

A nice Pseudobrookit photographed by JoJM

Also see: wannenkopfe.strahlen.org, web-core.be/rdn,

Mindat.org on this location.

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