Minas del Cañarico, Oria, Almería, Andalusia, Spain

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(text and pictures by FdW)

When we left the San Hipólito mine, we looked on the detailed 1:25000 map (Mapa Topografico Nacional de Espana 995-2) for another location to prospect/visit. We found a 'mina abonanada' on the coordinates: UTM. x: 570 200 y: 4 150 300 on that map. It was difficult to locate, but there was a spot/farm on the map without a 'mining sign' named 'Cañarico'.
In the IGME database we found that it used to be a Co+Cu mine. "Morfología de depósito: Posiblemente estratiforme, formado por dos bandas de dirección N 80º E y N 50º N, respectivamente de 1 m y 0,5 m de potencia, con niveles limoníticos. Roca encajante: Dolomías grises y cremas tableadas a masivas, a techo dolomías y calizas masivas, esquistos y cuarcitas. Complejo Alpujárride, Unidad de Blanquizares-Oria. Labores mineras: Trincheras y trancadas según la estratificación, tres grupos de labores agrupadas en unos 100 m; escombrera de unos 500 m3. Mineralización principal: Eritrina, malaquita, limonita, pirita. Mineralización accesoria: Azurita.

So we tried to find that location... after an hour or two on unpaved dirtroads we had to stop because our car was not a 4x4 ;-) So we walked around but saw nothing... Than we tried to reach the spot from the other side of the mountains, but there also we had to stop the car. Looking around downwards from the dirtroad we spotted little dumps :-) Our hearts pounded because we hoped to find a dump, clean, where no mineral collectors had been before, with nice Erythrin... hahaha but unfortinately, no spot with Erythrin. We looked on all the dumps, and underground, but nowhere was kobalt-ore or any secondary minerals. On one spot only (but nice) Malachit underground in the ceiling of one mine adit. But that was it. We think this mine is therefore not interesting to visit anymore for other collectors.

But we had a nice drive that day. The nature is harsch and beautiful here!

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