Mina Precaución, El Estrecho de San Ginés, La Unión, Sierra de Cartagena, Murcia, Spain

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In 2005:

We were here in 2005 and 2006. It's a rosty brown messy big hole here underground... But if you look around, everything is glinstering white. In the ceilings, in the walls, floor, everywhere. Most of it is Calcit, sometimes coated with black Mn/Fe-minerals. But in some zones it's very very rich in Hemimorphit. In one hole in the left side of the mine there's a hole, about 2 meters high, I could easily standup in and work with a hammer. And every cavity (to fistbig) around me there was filled with delicious Hemimorphit-xx. The xls will be max about 2-3 mm. And grow on a coating of Goethit and rarely on 'stalactites' of Chalkophanit/Hydrohetaerolith. The last two also are brown/black crusts, coatings and stalactites, so cannot be distinguished by eye only.

The best thing to do here is to break some pieces off and take them outside in the sunlight; it's only a minute seconds walk from the good spots left (1) and right deep (2) in the mines to the outside :-)

Also the mining here is very nice; there are multiple staircases cut out here in the mining floor... very beautiful; the lowest staircase looks like one you would expect to find in a luxurious dancing room... it leads to a large hall. To the left start two ways to a maze of hot, humid, small muddy tunnels. To the right starts a modern adit but it ends after about 50 meters.

In 2006:

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