Mine de Montmins, Echassières, Allier (03), France

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We visited Montmins on 5-6/11/2002 to be very surprised what's still to find on the old dumps... We went there and back in 48-hours: 'the 48-hours of Montmins' ;-)
Afterwards we visited the dumps again on 10-11-12/11/2004 and had to look hard that time for interesting material... but if it's easy it ain't funny isn't it :-) We found Karminit, Pyromorphit, Dufrenit, Kidwellit, Wolframit, Beudantit-Segnitit-like-minerals, Plumbogummit-Kintoreit-like-minerals, Barium-Pharmakosiderit, Chalkosiderit, nice purple Strengit on Ba-Pharmakosiderit, Galenit, and a lot of questionmarks like white balls, yellow balls, green balls etc ;-)

The dumps in the forest near Montmins contain material from the attached (Wolfram etc.) 'Filon the Sainte-Barbe'. More details in the below articles.

It is possible to find the following minerals there:
Anglesit, Aheylite, Akanthit, Arsenopyrit, Baryt, Barium-Pharmakosiderit, Beraunit, Bornit, Brochantit, Bromargyrit, Carnotit, Cerussit, Chalkosiderit, Churchite-(Y), Corkit, Coronadit, Covellin, Curienit, Cyrilovit, Dewindtit, Dufrenit, Fluorit, Francevillit, Galenit, Gartrellit, Goethit, Gold, Gorceixit, Heinrichit, Hematit, Hollandit, Iodargyrit, Jarosit, Kaolinit, Kakoxen, Karminit, Kidwellit, Kintoreit, Kryptomelan, Leukophosphit, Markasit, Mawbyit, Metatorbernit, Meurigit, Mimetesit, Muskowit, Parsonsit, Plumbogummit, Pyrit, Pyromorphit, Quartz, Raspit, Schwefel, Skorodit, Segnitit, Stolzit, Strengit, Torbernit, Uranocircit, Uranotungstit, Variscit, Wolframit, Uranotungstit.

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The perfect pension to stay at Montmins: Le Hameau de Chavagnat
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- lrm-2000-0506-05 (12.192 Kb; with permission of the author)
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