Miniera dei Pastori in Murialdo, Savona Province, Italy

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(text and pictures by Günter Frenz)

In spring 2006 I visited the Miniera dei Pastori in Murialdo, Savona Province, Italy. It's an old abandoned copper-mine near near Borgata Pastori which is a part of the village of Murialdo. You can reach the place from Borgata Piano in the valley via a small and steep road and please be careful not to place your car on private parking ground. The mine itself can be reached by walking on a small forest road after the last houses with 2 more U-turns.

Most of the dumps are overgrown, a small free dump delivers some Azurite and Malachit and traces of sulphidic ore. You'll also find a poorly covered shaft and adit there, so be careful.

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