Bou Azzer, Tazenakht, Morocco

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(text and pictures by Frank de Wit)

We visited Bou Azzer shortly during a touristic roundtrip through Morocco. The mines are all located along the public road from Tazenakht to Zagora between Bou Azzer itself and Bleida. We drove around a little; from Bou Azzer to Bleida the road is bad, so we drove on the sides of the road on the pistes... We were invited home by a miner to buy some 'Cobalt' as he called it. And we were allowed to take some pictures and take some rocks from one of the mines after talking to the miners. We were there as tourists. That means we did not take a hammer or a loupe. We were just talking, watching and picking up some rocks. I don't think that the miners will allow mineral collecting here... unfortinately... because it's a very interesting area.

In the rocks I picked up were beautiful needles and xls of Erythrin, some Karibibit-xx, nice Roselith-beta/Talmessit-xx and Roselith/Wendwilsonit-xx (not easy to distuingish by eye).

The nature around Bou Azzer is wonderful! The drive from Tazenakht is very nice, on a good road, through the valleys and the mountains. More info is in our forum and in the below beautiful article in Lapis.
If I use a wrong name for a mine, please email me, I tried not to make mistakes here ;-)

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