Folgosinho, Melo, Gouveia, Portugal.

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The Folgosinho-mine:

The mine is located directly above the quarry and has two levels underground.

Folgosinho in 2004... where it was over 40 degrees celsius here in the summer, we threw snowballs last february there !!

We visited Folgosinho 6 days (from 7/7 - 12/7 2003) and in february 2004, and found very nice Kakoxen, Fosfosiderit, Strengit, Rockbridgeit and of course Triplit, big shiny masses of Arsenopyrit (and rarely little xls), little Skorodit-xls with the oxidized Arsenopyrit, massive Pyrit, Columbit-xls, Uraninit-xls and Molybdenit-xls to 4 mm...
Also some material with the Arsenopyrit that are pseudomorphoses... will have to look into that at home...

A clean and very nice campingsite, run by two friendly Dutch people, is in the village Melo, only 7 km from the locality. It has a large swimming pool and houses/rooms also to sleep in... !!
(and a website: quinta dos cegonhas). I advice you to relax, read a book, drink a cold beer and take a swim during the day...
...and look for minerals in the evening from say 18.00 - 22.00 ;-)

Pdf-ed articles on Folgosinho:
- aufschluss-1998-910 (1.540 Kb; with permission of Thomas Witzke)
If you're searching for more mineralogical articles on this locality (gea-1992-01-27-portugal.pdf; lapis-1984-12-13-portugal.pdf; mineralogisch-tijdschrift-portugal.pdf), please contact us... on this location.

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