Miguel Vacas mine/quarry near Vila Vicosa, Estremoz, Alentejo, Portugal.

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Miguel Vacas in july 2003

And in feb.2004...

We visited the Miguel Vacas in july 2003 and february 2004 and found beautiful Libethenit (xls to 4 mm; pieces to 18x6 cm.!!). Mostly the Libethenit was grown in small fissures in a black Schiefer, but also very nice on Quartz in Quarz-veins and within 'Zellenquarz' together with other Cu-minerals like Pseudomalachit, Zapatalit, Turkis, Planerit, Chalkanthit etc. and Wavellit in 2004. In Quarz-veins the Libethenit is waterclear.

It was about 40 degrees hot in the burning sun in july, there were snakes and scorpions, so we had to dress up... pfff it was great ;-)
In feb.2004 however, it was freezing and raining all the time... You can make your choice on when to visit this site...

If you're there, please bring a bottle of whiskey to a young guy named Daniel, who lives near the mine in a small white house.
He's a very nice guy from Hungary, working the land near the mine (see the last pic). We drank warm whiskey and cold beer and had a nice talk.
He's happy with a roof over his head and a whiskey, but whiskey is 'expensive...' here.

The landowner, who gave us permission to visit the dumps, told us to watch out for yellow-brownish scorpions (not deadly, only painful he said) and snakes (he said cobra's but I think cobra's don't live in Portugal hahaha...). So wear long boots, long trousers and kick any rock before picking it up !

It is possible to find the following minerals in the Cu-parageneses:
Abondant Chalcanthit and Chrysokolla. Then a lot of Pseudomalachit and Reichenbachit (cannot be optically distuingished/identified).

(All the pics are by Jose Dehove; the specimens are from my small collection)

Libethenit is also not hard to find and is the most beautiful mineral here.

Then you will be able to find: Malachit, Azurit, Cuprit, Turkis and Planerit (cannot be distuingished optically) and Zapatalit

2 more pics of my Libethenites.

In the Phosphat-parageneses you can find Wavellit, Strengit, Rashleighit, Copiapit and Cacoxenit

The matrix usually consists of Quartz, also in little xls, together with Ankerit, Goethit, Rontgenamorphous Mn-minerals and multiple Pseudomorphoses... ;-)
The primary sulfide is Chalcopyrit, but is hard to find.

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