Cavnic/Kapnikbánya, Maramures, Romania.

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The region of Cavnic is very beautiful! Say Austria but 200 years ago. Old houses, small hills, farmland and the beautiful wooden church of Surdesti.

From the entry of the town to the mines you will see dumps and workings left and right of the road. The leftover-'mud' is transported through pipes to the dumps here from the workings in Cavnic. The dumps are being recultivated.

Some of the dumps can be reached by car (and foot of course ;-). You'll have no problems finding Chalkopyrit and Rhodochrosit there. I was lucky enough to find a block with some Realgar-xx !

The Cavnic mining district actually contains of multiple mines of which the following are the most important:
-the old mines entering from the town of Cavnic itself. You will also find the workings there
-the Ferdinand Boldut-mine
-the Ferdinand Roata mine, and
-the old Gottlieb mine.

In the northeast the Cavnic-mines are followed by the Suior mine, working on the same 'vein'.

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Boldut mine:

The old mine entries you see from Cavnic are no longer used. So isn't the Gottlieb-mine. But the Gottlieb mine was reopened for 'black' mining. It looks hazardous, but you can enter there...

Mina Roata

Gottlieb mine

The old Cyanide refinery

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More details are also in the book 'minerals of the carpathians - 2002 - 480pp'

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