Natural History Museum London, England.

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(text and pictures by Frank de Wit)

What's there to say about the Natural History Museum? Well.... it feels like you're entering the history of the world. Like all the history started here ;-)
Two: the entry is free...! Three: the building is large... like laaaarge. The architecture is beautiful. It's a great playing museum for children. The "dino-exhibition" is great fun for kids. Did you ever see a moving dino? A real-life-dino? You can see it in the NHM :-)

But for us, of course, we immediately ran towards the mineral collection and the vault. When Veronique and I entered the museum we were tackled by Jolyon & Ida Ralph :-)
We met here for a tour through the museum and for eating fish&chips in town :-) And that's just what we did... "Plan-Do-Check-Act" :-)
Well, the museum is almost like a real-world adventure... it's a maze! You definitely need a map&guide here and intuition not to get lost. We were lucky, we had Jolyon :-)
Just follow the pictures, and you will do the walk we did. Have fun!

(pictures by Frank de Wit)

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